Who We Are:

Taco Mazama - Californian style fresh Mexican street food. Big burritos, tasty tacos, stacked nachos, big flavours and refreshing margaritas!

Environment and Sustainability:

In 2023 we joined the Step Up to Net Zero project and produced an action plan to reduce our environmental impact.

This including reducing waste and energy usage, sourcing more sustainable ingredients and reducing transport emissions.

We have reformulated the packaging for all our take out products to be as sustainable as possible, and are currently exploring a container return option.

Also currently in development are a zero-carbon hot sauce, utilising parts of vegetables that would normally go to waste, and a chilli lime marmalade to use our discarded lime peels.


The food in Taco Mazama is homemade here in Glasgow, we develop all our recipes in-house and don't add any artificial flavourings or preservatives.

We also commit to ensuring at least 50% of our menus are available fully vegan, all vegetarian menu items are 100% plant based, and we offer guacamole as a free alternative to dairy for burritos, tacos, and fajitas.


In 2021 we expanded internationally, opening our first branch in Thessaloniki, Greece!