Who We Are:

Taco Mazama - Californian style fresh Mexican street food. Big burritos, tasty tacos, stacked nachos, big flavours and refreshing margaritas!

Environmental Policy:

Energy Use:

Our environmental policy is to surpass all environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice. We are committed to the prevention of pollution and to minimising the environmental impact of our operations while promoting sustainable options and ethical business practices.

We are moving all our electricity contracts to renewable energy providers and where it is possible minimising excess power usage in our stores.



We have moved the vast majority of our consumer packaging to compostable and recyclable alternatives. We are actively trying to develop returnable packaging options and source products with minimal excess packaging. All new product packaging is to be assessed for sustainability. We have recently developed a range of ‘bottle return’ drinks which are on sale at our West End branch now and will soon be coming to the city centre also.

We currently commit to ensuring that at least 50% of our menu is vegan, and are currently in the process of developing a 100% vegan home delivery brand. In addition we try and promote the usage of local and seasonal ingredients wherever possible and plan to move to being 100% palm oil free within the next six months.



Our home deliveries are carried out by bicycle and electric bikes for 99% of orders. We plan to add electric cargo bikes to our fleet shortly to enable us to make this 100%.

We encourage all staff to consider environmental implications of all operational process and include environmental awareness within our staff training and company handbook.